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Your Family Needs More Room, What are Your Options?

The debate is ongoing, does your family need another room added to your home? Are you one room short of having adequate living space? Do you wish you had a family game room or home gym? If you answered yes, you have discovered you need another room and now you at the right place.

The construction of an additional room can feel like a daunting task that drags on forever. Well Remodeling is here to change that feeling and we are the industry-leading service provider for room additions.

The Well Remodeling team has constructed and earned a reputation for creating fabulous room additions for local homeowners, that accentuate the functionality of their homes and look magnificent from an interior design standpoint.

Our team is certified in the design and remodeling of room additions and more.  We are happy to meet with you and discuss all your wants, needs, and desires. We will take this information we gather and share it with all available options to begin creating the room addition of your dreams.

Imagination is the only restriction.

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Room Addition Leader

Room addition projects are surprisingly more economical than most homeowners think.  However, it is incredibly important the addition is completed with the help of an experienced & licensed contractor who can guarantee additions and extensions are safe, up to code, and meet your expectations.

Upon starting construction of your addition, unavoidably unexpected roadblocks will appear.  Well Remodeling has the unmatched experience to handle every possibility from plumbing and electrical, to structural issues, without sacrificing quality, safety, or most importantly your budget.

When you think of the different types of room additions available, the list can get quite long. Some of the different types of room additions we can construct for your home include:

  • Covered patios
  • Home offices
  • Game rooms
  • Second levels and loft areas
  • Nurseries
  • Home gyms
  • And much more

After the completion of the design and concept phase, the plans will be engineered to address the structural aspects of the project, which include foundations, concrete, framing, and roofing. You will be provided with a vastly detailed schedule of the construction process allowing you to know exactly what to expect and when to expect it throughout the project.

The goal of Well Remodeling is to make the room addition process as enjoyable and smooth as possible while reducing your stress and overwhelming feelings.

Room Additions

For more information, as to the room additions we are known for and can build for you or schedule a visit with a member of our team, please contact us today. (281)210-6652

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